Pharmacists Dr. Derick McElveen Jr. and Dr. Theron Douglas will launch Everyday Fresh Club, releasing a line of all-natural products specifically designed to address the deficiencies in hair, skin, and bald care products for men of color worldwide.

McElveen and Douglas met while working on the same floor of a military hospital for a week in 2017. The two shared grooming hacks that best suited their jobs’ strict clean-shaven demands.
What began as a discussion on aesthetics morphed into a conversation on mental health and wellness. Amid racial unrest and the global COVID-19 pandemic, front-line workers McElveen and Douglas were all hands-on deck to save others, but they also realized the need to take care of themselves.

McElveen says, “It’s a fast-paced environment with hours around the clock, and a mistake could kill someone. To have that emotional toll and keep moving, it’s a lot of pressure. Taking the time every day to prepare yourself, quiet your mind, and set your intentions despite what the day might bring– that is what inspired the brand.”

With a focused intention on self-care, the trained pharmacists used their shared knowledge of sterile compounding to create Everyday Fresh Club products. This line of grooming, shaving and hygiene essentials is specially formulated to have substantial shelf life without the use of harmful chemicals and preservatives.

McElveen and Douglas pitched their products at TechStars Start Up Weekend competition, hosted by Elevated Ventures, and University of North Florida’s Center for Entrepreneurial Growth. They won third place, earning resources for business development, sales modeling and consulting.

For these essential workers who continue to serve as pharmacists everyday, the goal is to accentuate self-care as our most essential need.

“If you start with yourself, it translates into everything you touch throughout the day, palpable in every interaction. If you prepare yourself to be your best, you just may accomplish it.” McElveen says.