Growth Tips and Techniques

  • 3 Essentials to a Happy Beard Growth Journey

    The idea that my beard could always be better, fuller, and darker, while becoming more lush, became the impetus to pursue a perfection of beard that would also became a voice of criticism  that couldn’t be escaped. In this space, I sat, patiently until I realized exactly where the blocks sat. Below are 3 ideas that radically my beard care and grow journey.

    1. Love Yours. Accept The Beard You Have.

    Understanding and acting in acceptance became the light illuminated my beard care path.

    I use to get stuck looking at beards I thought were ideal as impossibilities. For one ,my beard cheek line wasn’t high enough, secondly it was never dark enough, and I when I finally could grow a beard, I couldn’t escape breaking.

    Chasing my ideal beard became the pursuit of what I couldn’t embody . Things changed when I thought to accept the limits of my own grow journey and to work with what I had.

    Accepting my beard as it was, shifted my focus from the idea of chasing a dream to living a dream. This was the greatest shift in my journey, and the beginning of a greater “path!"

    Comparisons and ideas of lack are both stumbling blocks to accepting and loving yours.

    Accept your beard as it is. If it grows no fuller accept it. If it grows no longer accept it. If it grows no connection, nurture it kindly. The beginning of having a dream beard is realizing that you already posses it, we must simply accept and nurture intentionally.